PURPOSE: Have a documented policy where the guidelines to follow are established to guarantee a correct return process of materials due to non-conformity, customer discomfort, any claim, material shipment errors on our part, complaint or non-conformity, related to the materials delivered by Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A. de C.V.uímicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V.

SCOPE: This procedure applies from the customer's complaint until the material or product is returned in good conditions to the Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. warehouse.

Field of coverage: This procedure is applicable to sales, warehouse, logistics, invoicing, controllership and general management.


ORDER: Any product request made by a customer.

INVOICE: Document in which the commercial conditions of the products acquired by the customer are indicated, as well as their quantities and indication of the order requested.

REQUIREMENT: Need or expectation established, generally implicit or mandatory.

CUSTOMER: Person or organization that could receive or that receives a product or service intended for or required by that person or organization.

PRODUCT: An output of an organization that can be produced without any transaction taking place between the organization and the customer.

PROCESS: A set of mutually related activities that use inputs to provide an intended result.







  • Ensure and provide the necessary resources for the development and control of customer returns activities.


  • Inform well in advance about the customer request to the Management, Comptroller, Accounts Receivable, Billing and Warehouse areas, for the review and acceptance of the return by the customer, to ensure that the time is met according to the needs of the same.


  • Verify and report that the material received is not contaminated and is received in good condition.
  • Develop the necessary activities for the implementation of this procedure.
  • Following up on all the customer’s returns, to ensure that they are kept in a usable condition.


  • Correctly carry out the invoicing process
  • Collect and verify that the information provided in the return is correct, so that if necessary to perform the process of invoice cancellation, or preparation of credit note as appropriate.
  • Cancel invoices or credit notes if necessary and notify the areas involved


1.1.1 - The customer sends or notifies any complaint, claim or nonconformity that he considers inadequate in the product or material purchased to Quimipol sales executive, (by phone or e-mail).

1.1.2.- Quimipol sales executive evaluates the customer's claim and notifies the quality area for analysis and evaluation, in case the customer requests it, quality and sales attend the customer's facilities to evaluate the material and determine the acceptance or rejection of the corresponding claim.

If the claim is accepted, Quimipol sales executive makes the corresponding claim report. Reporte de reclamación correspondiente.

1.1.3.- If the claim is accepted and the customer requests a physical change, the sales executive sends an e-mail to General Management, Controller's Office, Accounts Receivable and warehouse supervisor with copy to Billing to request the authorization of the physical change or the return of the rejected material by the customer. devolución del material rechazado por parte del cliente.

1.1.4.- Once informed of the claim and return of the nonconforming product, General Management, Comptroller, Accounts Receivable and warehouse analyze and if they consider the claim acceptable, authorize the return of the material and if the customer agrees, the corresponding physical change is made.

1.1.5.- When the claim has been accepted, the sales executive performs the appropriate activities for the collection of the material at the customer's facilities, notifying the warehouse and logistics of the date on which the material must be collected or the physical change must be made.

If the customer considers it convenient, he can deliver the product in our installations, under his own means.

1.1.6.- In case of a return and the customer doesn't accept any physical change, the sales executive must confirm:

  • That it's the material that was previously delivered
  • That it corresponds in quantity to the order delivered or that the weight of the material is clearly indicated.
  • That it keeps the original packaging
  • That it's not dirty, broken packaging or missing material
  • That it maintains its suitability for use

Once the condition of the material involved in the return has been checked, the sales executive notifies the warehouse supervisor to pick it up at the customer's facilities, the driver has the obligation to confirm that the material is in good condition and confirms the points indicated in the previous paragraph.

In case he observes any detail that he considers as a nonconforming product, he must notify to the warehouse supervisor and sales executive, so that the appropriate indications are given and the return is authorized or not.

Likewise, the warehouse supervisor verifies the conditions of the material in case the customer is the one who makes the return at Quimipol's facilities.

1.1.7.- When the material has been returned to the warehouse, the warehouse supervisor notifies the areas involved so that the credit note or invoice cancellation process can be carried out. nota de crédito o cancelación de la factura.