One of the first uses of natural latex was to coat natural fiber fabrics in order to give them a certain degree of waterproofing. With the discovery of vulcanization technology, this application was perfected to the level that it's used today.

In addition to the clothing industry, the textile industry is linked to other industries such as furniture, footwear and automotive among others1, for this reason Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. participates as a direct supplier of different raw materials used in the production processes of this segment.

Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. participates as a supplier to the textile industry with products such as:


Aqueous emulsions of SBR polymer such as; Arlatex 1372 and Arlatex 1919 NCmainly used for textile coating, carpet underlay and fibre binders.

Processing aids

Materials to facilitate fiber processing such as paraffin waxes. ceras parafínicas


Complementary formulation chemicals such as: calcium carbonate, ultraaccelerators, vulcanizers and fillers.

As an indirect supplier, Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. participates by supplying raw materials for industries such as the manufacture and rebuilding of used equipment such as rubber coated rollers, power transmission belts and conveyor belts. Some of the products supplied to these segments are:


Natural rubber such as: SVR-3L, SGR-5L, SGR-10, GR-10CV, SGR-CV60, HM-20 and National Crepe.

Synthetic rubbers; SBR, S-SBR, NBR, NBR/PVC, EPDM, Hypalon among others.

Additives for vulcanization:

Accelerators, retarders, activators, coupling agents, antioxidants, , anti-ozonants, blowing agents, process aids, white fillers, carbon black, silica, plasticizers, plasticizers, vulcanizing agents, aromatic, naphthenic and paraffinic oils, as well as versions of some of these products pre-dispersed (master batch)in SBR and EPDM polymers to optimize its performance, reduce dispersion times increasing productivity and eliminate contamination of the working environment with the use of powders.


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