Paper industry

Paper production in Mexico is highly diversified due to the number of products manufactured today. There are four basic groups in the paper industry, which in turn have various subdivisions and products: writing and printing paper, packaging paper, sanitary and facial tissue, and special paper1

In some of these applications the paper must be subjected to special treatments to fulfil specific functions, such as coatings with protective or non-stick waxes, or with films smoked by immersion in rubber emulsions or latices. Other paper treatments include the use of additives such as carbonate salts or resins.

On the other hand, directly related to this industry is the manufacture of dyes and printing inks where the use of pigments such as carbon black and tackifying resins is essential.

Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. supply among others in the following raw materials for the paper industry:

Direct participation:

 Process Additives: Waxes, calcium carbonate, natural rubber latex, synthetic latex.

Indirect participation

Products for inks such as: carbon black, resins and resins.

Another of the segments in which we participate in this industry is in the supply of Raw materials for the manufacture and reconstruction of rubber coated rolls used in machinery for the paper industry, with products such as: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, White and Reinforcing Loads, Vulcanizers, Accelerators, Plasticizers, etc. Hules Naturales, Hules Sintéticos, Cargas Blancas y Cargas Reforzantes, Vulcanizantes, Aceleradores, Plastificantes, etc


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