Mexico is the ninth largest footwear producer in the world. This industry exports to more than 60 countries, including the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Japan and Canada, to name a few.

This sector demands for the manufacture of footwear a wide variety of materials such as leather, synthetic leather, rubber, fabrics, plastic, as well as a series of chemical products that allow it to reach the quality parameters required by national and international markets.

Since its foundation, Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A. de C.V. (QUIMIPOL) has been increasing its presence as a supplier to the footwear industry, initially supplying raw materials for vulcanized rubber sole formulations, and later on, polymers and additives for thermoplastic soles. Recently, a wide range of additives for the formulation of some of the adhesives used in this segment of the industry have been added to our product portfolio.

For the market segment of vulcanized shoe sole manufacturers, QUIMIPOL supplies among others the following raw materials:


Natural rubber such as: SVR-3L, SGR-5L, SGR-10, SGR-10CV, SGR-CV60, HM-20 and domestic Crepe.

Synthetic rubbers; SBR, S-SBR, NBR, NBR/PVC, EPDM, among others.

Additives for vulcanization:

Accelerators,retarders, activators, coupling agents, antioxidants, , anti-ozonants, blowing agents, process aids, white fillers, carbon black, silica, plasticizers, plasticizers, vulcanizing agents, aromatic, naphthenic and paraffinic oils, as well as versions of some of these products pre-dispersed (master batch)in SBR and EPDM polymers to optimize its performance, reduce dispersion times increasing productivity and eliminate contamination of the working environment with the use of powders.

For the sthermoplastic shoe soles segment, QUIMIPOL supplies the following products:


Synthetic rubbers;: SBS, SEBS, SBS/SB, S-SBR, EPDM,

Additives for thermoplastic compounds:

Naphthenic and Paraffinic oils, carbon black, white fillers, Resin antioxidants,

Finally, in the footwear adhesives segment, QUIMIPOL supplies raw materials that are used in the formulation of solvent-based and hot melt adhesives used in this industry, such as: SBS, S-SBR, natural rubber, hydrocarbon resins and antioxidants among others.

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