The asphalt modification industry in Mexico has two main application markets; asphalt modification for roads and asphalt modification for waterproofing.

In the area of asphalt modification for roads, we find liquid seals, which are normally asphalt emulsions that are applied to the base of the pavement to prevent water permeability towards the base subgrade, and, on the other hand, the material used for the asphalt layer itself.

The modification is normally carried out with elastomeric polymers or rubbers in order to provide, in addition to an improvement in the waterproofing characteristics, elastic properties, resistance to deformation and improved adherence to the stone substrates incorporated into the material.

In the asphalt waterproofing industry, the technology normally used consists of incorporating a thermoplastic copolymer into the material to improve its flexibility at low temperatures, its waterproofing properties and its adherence to the substrates where it will be applied.

Químicos y Polímeros Corporation S.A de C.V. . participates as a supplier in the asphalt modification industry with products such as:


Thermoplastic synthetic rubbers: SBS, SBS/SB, S-SBR, marketed worldwide for asphalt modification for asphalt binders on roads and for the main brands of waterproofing and asphalt sealants.


Paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic oils used as plasticizers to adjust properties such as viscosity.



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