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Natural Rubber

Natural #Rubber is obtained from the latex of the Hevea Brasilienses tree, by "bleeding" the tree in its adult state. Afterwards, it is collected manually to be coagulated, washed, extruded, dried and compacted into solid sheets as standard. These last operations are almost always carried out directly in the area near the plantation, so the product obtained contains some impurities such as proteins and lipids related to its natural origin.

In other processes, the #latex is concentrated in large containers where it is homogenized and stabilized by adding ammonia and other additives to later be transported and marketed in the form of liquid latex or to submit it to industrial processes and finally obtain solid bales of 35 kg, but of much higher purity and quality than the product processed on the plantation.

Natural #rubber maintains its flexibility at -60°C and has a high resistance to dynamic fatigue, therefore; Its use is normally oriented to applications to absorb vibrations such as in the manufacture of heavy-duty tires, aircraft and automobile radials, engine mounts, vibration-absorbing membranes, various auto parts, hoses, gaskets, shoe soles, rubber bands, etc.

Natural latex is used in the manufacture of immersion molded articles such as; #gloves, #balloons, #condoms, among others.

QUIMICOS Y POLIMEROS CORPORATION S.A de C.V., we are suppliers of a wide variety of Natural Rubber grades in the different presentations available in the market, as well as natural latices, to industries such as #autoparts rubber, #tires, #textiles, footwear and adhesives among others, as well as the full range of #rubber-chemicals and additives that are used in its manufacturing processes.

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