Mexican and imported natural rubber, for application in high performance vulcanized compounds, as well as a wide variety of synthetic rubbers, including emulsion rubbers SBR, NBR, and solution rubbers such as SBS, S-SBR, SEBS, EPDM, IR, among others, to be used for both vulcanized compounds and thermoplastic compounds of high recyclability. Each of our products are produced by leading manufacturers in their target markets, and meet the highest quality standards for each of the applications in which they are used. Our portfolio also includes rubbers for special applications, such as NBR/PVC blends with special characteristics such as high abrasion resistance to organic solvents and oils, and food grade rubbers for chewing gum formulation.

Carbon Black

Rubber reinforcing agent for the manufacture of automotive parts, tires, belts, mats, pigment in plastic compounds, manufacture of printing inks.

Food Grade Rubber

Polymers that modify the viscoelastic properties of the gum base used in the manufacture of chewing gum. We can offer two types: PVA under the CHA Resin name and SBR synthetic rubbers under the INSAGUM trademark.

White Fillers

Rubber reinforcing agent, for application in white or light-colored compounds, used to improve friction resistance, or as a thickener, vehicle for dosing liquid additives, anti-caking agent, etc.

Adhesive Products

Wide variety of SBS, S-SBR and SBR Polymers widely used for the formulation of Hot Melt (PSA) and Solvent based (contact) adhesives, for applications such as adhesive tapes, self-adhesive labels, assembly of disposable diapers, assembly adhesives in footwear manufacturing, gluing of foam rubber in furniture and mattresses manufacturing, upholstery, etc.

Other Products

Vulcanization accelerators, antiozonants, antiozonant waxes, stearic acid, sponging agents, antioxidants, chloroprene rubber, DOP; all related to the rubber and plastics industry, for the manufacture of automotive and industrial parts, hoses, mats, gloves, roller coverings, etc.

Rubber to Metal Adhesives

We're distributors in Mexico of Dupont rubber-metal adhesives, which are widely used to bond vulcanized rubber compounds to metal structures in applications such as automotive and industrial parts with resistance to temperature, chemical attack, vibration and abrasion.