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What is Stearic Acid?

El ácido esteárico (Ácido octadecanoico), es un sólido microcristalino de apariencia blanca, que se obtiene a partir de la hidrólisis del aceite de palma (cuando es de origen vegetal), cuya fórmula química Es CH3(CH2)16COOH. Es insoluble en agua. El ácido esteárico es utilizado en diversas industrias como: la automotriz, papelera, de cosméticos, hule y textil. […]


Químicos y Polímeros Corporation® S.A. de C.V. anuncia la apertura de su nueva sucursal ubicada en Avenida de la industria No 122, Fraccionamiento Industrial Legacy Business Park Apodaca Nuevo León, CP 66614, esto con el propósito de satisfacer la demanda de nuestros clientes en la zona norte del país suministrando insumos a diversas industrias como lo son […]


OPENING OF A NEW CEDIS IN JALISCO At Químicos y Polímeros Corporation® S.A. of C.V. We are very pleased to announce that as part of our expansion to achieve national coverage, a new Distribution Center (CEDIS) is already in operation in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco. Our new #CEDISGuadalajara will be in charge of supplying […]

Natural Rubber

Natural #Rubber is obtained from the latex of the Hevea Brasilienses tree, by "bleeding" the tree in its adult state. Afterwards, it is collected manually to be coagulated, washed, extruded, dried and compacted into solid sheets as standard. Almost always these last operations are carried out directly in the area near the plantation, […]


The main characteristic of S-SBR solution polymerized products is that they have properties similar to those of Emulsion SBRs, combined with thermoplastic properties typical of solution products. Based on these characteristics, these products are widely used in asphalt modification for roads and waterproofing, sealants and in most […]

Technical Article for product; Silane Si-69

When problems arise during the vulcanization processes, such as reversion or when product properties are not reached at the desired levels, such as abrasion resistance, set compression or temperature resistance, among others, it is recommended to use coupling additives such as Silane Si-69. Description: Organo-sulfur compound made up of two […]